Hello those who came.

We began this page with some lines, which show the matter of our quest and at the same time are the invitation to all the researchers to take part in it. Every human being searches for his way and for the sense and meaning of All. Everybody searches in his own way: some in science and philosophy, some in literature, music, art, serving people or in religion

Try to look at the known human history: from the fairy-tales-time, there have always been some positive and negative heroes and personalities, and positive from one viewpoint is negative from another. These positiveness and negativeness vary from absolute purity, light and kindness to absolute evil and darkness. Usual people take their niche in between these two poles and everyone bears kindness and evil in within, and people can chose how they want to act and what to strive for in their thoughts and deeds.

When a lot of people are overwhelmed by similar strivings, the force that is able to affect the reality appears, and the change of reality somehow is connected with the nature of these strivings. The connection between the processes that are going on in the society and the nature has been notices long ago. For example, wars can cause earthquakes. If this statement, which is made on the base of empiric experience, can be doubtful, the results that are achieved in the labs and based on the experiments on the affection of mind on different processes, including physical, are hard to argue with.
It means that the question of the sense of existence stands, first of all, not before the community or a group of people, but before all the individuals. Values of human being’s achievements on his vital way are defined by the purity of his wishes, thoughts, intentions and deeds from the point of view of some absolute truth, which is given to us as so-called pre-knowledge, which is encoded on a very deep level of human “I”.
The principles of ethics and morality are coming out from these deep levels of human personality.
One nun was asked the question: “Who is the Holy Spirit?” and she answered that the Holy Spirit is God’s principles in human being. The right direction gives us tranquility, confidence, strength of spirit and otherwise, wrong deeds which defy these principles sooner or later cause negative consequences.

Somebody said that the Earth is the “university” for the souls, souls visit it during the flow of their life for perfection through overcoming different difficulties. The condition of joining this “university” is a mind, which lacks the direct access to the information, memory and possibilities, which a soul has being in the world of other dimension. We don’t have an objective possibility to judge if this suppositions is right or wrong, but we have something which pushes us to search and invites to look what’s there, over the brink. This call of a mystery and the striving for going further, obviously, is a condition of human existence.

In our case, the difficulty is that we don’t know where to look. Besides, it is possible that we can’t move any further in this quest if we take only one direction into account, for example only physics, and ignore all the rest.
Therefore the most interesting for us are the border knowledge and researches in the filed of irrational sciences. Hence the interest in parapsychology, occultism etc.

Without telling anything particular, we can say that theoretical researches, observations, experiments that have been held by our research center during several years, from different sides have been leading us to one thought. The human beings must develop the new level of their conscience to see their way and purpose, not to go in the twilight stumbling upon sharp corners of destinies. This conscience is higher than the existing conscience and in the case of most people it is in the “unconscious”, or sleeping state. When it spontaneously and, usually, without any control, awakes, then we can see phenomenal parapsychological and anomalous events.
When human being in his development reaches this new level of conscience, new horizons and possibilities open up for him. If it is true, then the most actual are the teachings and knowledge, which allow developing new conscience.

Reading the conceptions of famous Teachers of the past and present days, there are very much in common. Rerich’s teachings resembles Michael Aivachov’s one, “The Code of Tibet Lamas Behavior” – “Detka” of Porfiry Ivanov. All of them correspond with Christ’s preachings.

The most effective from the practical point of view and close to us is a System of nature heath-improvement of Porfiry Ivanov. He says about the necessity of change of “flow” of conscience, the results he achieved in his possibilities and healing diseases, including cancer, are evident. For those not interested in phylosophy of this topic, the system is useful from just a health-improving side.

On this page we will try to place the materials about our researches, results of expeditions and experiments, and just interesting facts. All the interested are welcome to dialogue and co-operation.

We wish you health, luck and happiness.

Research Center Noviko is organized in 1992 by those who have been working in “UNIVERA” company, involved in researches of irrational sciences which has ended its existence after its director and creator, Enn Parve, the organizer and the first chairman of Estonian UFO Commission.

Basic fields of works and researches:

  1. Chinese medicine, needle-therapy, creation of new methods and devices for diagnosis and healing.
  2. Extrasensorics, energy-information interaction researches.
  3. Anomalous events researches (UFO, poltergeist, energy zones, “Harkman net” etc).
  4. Creation of equipment for research of Jurgenson-Kenning effect (voices of dead people appear on the magnetic tape) and other events like this.
  5. Methods to improve spiritual and physical health of people, development of new talents and their practical use.
  6. Philosophy of these problems.
  7. Search of ways of escape from the personality and civilization crisis.